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Yann Tiersen - FR

Carte blanche to Yann Tiersen

Sun, 6 February 2022

17H00 - (Doors: 16H00)



The Breton continues to evaporate the ghost of Amélie Poulain by crafting immersive soundscapes of staggering beauty.

Yann Tiersen has been unfurling his cinematic melodies and perfecting a poignant body of work since 1995, playing tunes that seem to follow the movements of nature to extract its most beautiful flourishes. A multi-instrumentalist, Tiersen locked himself away in his studio on the island of Ouessant to compose a poetic exploration of sea and mist in a spiritual atmosphere, mixing melancholy piano arpeggios and soothing electronic strings. For his performance at Antigel, the musician has announced a new experimental show followed by an original electronic creation in which he will revisit his repertoire old and new, accompanied by a video show orchestrated by multimedia artist Sam Wiehl.

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