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Preparing a meal for Seu Jorge, walking along the public beach at Eaux-Vives, spreading the festival’s highlights on social networks, welcoming Odezenne themselves, taking a dip with the Viagra Boys in the Lignon swimming-pool and of course, serving beers and having fun, lots of fun: These are some of the essential duties required for a festival such as Antigel!

Don’t hesitate further and join the #TeamAntigel for an adventure beyond words: it’ll be a true experience!

Last but not least, in addition to the huge amount of fun and the awesome artistic and human adventure, you’ll also receive invitations for the shows as well as an unlimited number of entries for Grand Central, the coolest club in Geneva throughout February!

If you’re tempted by this programme, you’ve got until 9 January to register!




Thanks a million! We love you!

#ShakeGeneva #Antigel2019