Thriller Mania & Bloody Brunch

Noël Emmanuel Alias Deyvron Criminalz (FR)

Who has never dreamt or fantasised about wearing Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket and iconic black shoes and dancing with zombies amidst tombstones or doing the robot dance and a moonwalk to the King of Pop’s timeless hit in one of the best video clips in history… Thanks to dancer-choreographer Noël Emmanuel Alias Deyvron Criminalz, it’s now possible! All you need is a strong desire to boogie, some energy and good humour. For Noël Emmanuel dance has been a family passion since he was 6, snd he’s turned into a specialist in contemporary and hip-hop, street jazz and classical. The choreographer, who’s worked on the recent Men in Black 4, will help you let go with a mixture of lightness, energy and extravagance for a euphoric moment of pure vitality open to all: “A desire to move is all you need” followed by a “Freaks” brunch… Thrills guaranteed!

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