Les Dadas du Yoga & Brunch

Aurélie Surbeck | Matteo Zimmermann

It’s almost become a zen tradition, two thirds into the Festival, to take a yoga break, open one’s chakras and practice one’s favourite poses, from the extended hand-to-toe pose to the upward facing dog in a quiet and relaxing moment, open to all. No need to be an expert to indulge in this warm session of wellbeing in the midst of winter. Aurélie Surbeck will kindly help you to get your body to breathe and your mind to flow. A yogi master who practices shiatsu, Aurélie has been teaching yoga since 2002. All this to the live music of actor and poet Matteo Zimmermann… As a finishing touch to this moment of grace, a revitalising brunch will be available after the session to help you recharge your batteries for the last week of the Festival!


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