Disco on Ice

DJS: Fermecat b2b Rodo (Le Ski Club)

Every winter, the City of Geneva invites ice-skating enthusiasts to dance on the rink at Les Vernets and this time, the disco on ice will feature DJs and a light show! Antigel is bringing glitter and glam back into fashion with its magic touch. The ice rink will sparkle and shine with mirror balls and multicolour spotlights, bounce to the DJs’ up-tempo beats, come to life with the dancers’ costumes and improvised loops, and turn into a huge party! Food stalls and other treats will satisfy any cravings and help recharge your batteries after all this prancing about. A perfect Antigel night for ice-lovers! Let it go!

Admission adults: CHF 6.00

Skate rental: CHF 2.00


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