Sport / Bien-être / balade à vélo pas comme les autres

Au fil de l'Aire + winter breakfast

Elsa Couvreur / Mehdi Duman / Simon Ramseier / Alexandre Wisard / La Gavotte Balade / balade encadrée par Pro Vélo

“We would leave in the morning on the village roads, on our bicycles…” Festival Antigel adopts Yves Montand’s hymn, taking us along the river banks of the Aire astride our bicycles and with our bells ringing. Along a stretch of nature, the stroll on the banks of the Aire takes you through a real garden of Eden, a stone’s throw from the city. All along this idyllic track, artists, architects and mythological storytellers reveal anecdotes, challenges and wonderful stories around the renaturation project of this beautiful river. Through majestic trees and endless fields, this bicycle ride takes you to the delicate heart of the Perly-Certoux countryside.

Danse Elsa Couvreur, Mehdi Duman, Simon Ramseier

Biologiste Alexandre Wisard

Lieu d'accueil La Gavotte

Balade encadrée par Pro Vélo