Antigel’s Bain Bleu

Garance le 3.2 & Bowmore 4.2

Electronic music in mid-water: Antigel reuses the magic formula that made such an impression at Bains de Cressy.

Float in the warm blue waters of a dream hammam in Cologny against a backdrop of electronic music and the moon bathing in the lake in true Arabian Nights-fashion! Festivalgoers loved this recipe at Bains de Cressy which was interrupted only to start again in this completely unique place, Bain Bleu: a first for Antigel’s 10th anniversary. This event marks the return of Antigel’s immersive electro parties in a muted yet festive atmosphere with the Festival’s touch and a few great surprises. Garance and Bowmore invite us to embark on an aquatic adventure in all serenity. An unmissable night of ambient music in front of one of the Canton’s most beautiful panoramas. Indulge yourself!


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