Antigel Run, 5th edition

Hop, hop, hop! Put on your trainers, your mittens and your woolly hats! The 5th Antigel Run will be hotter and brighter than ever!

It’s become a tradition: Geneva’s first race of the year, one week before the Festival officially opens, has been attracting an increasing number of runners! The already large family is just getting larger! It makes sense: The location in Parc des Eaux-Vives and Parc de la Grange is exceptional, the atmosphere is fun yet competitive, the route is beautiful through the hundred-year-old trees and the view over the lake and the beach at Eaux-Vives is breath-taking – not that you need that while running uphill. It’s a great opportunity to gather together, across all ages, for a welcome breath of air after the end-of-year celebrations. The run also promotes social integration through sports in collaboration with Flag21, with a group of coaches, all asylum seekers and migrants, who organise training sessions for two weeks before the run. Whether you’re old, young, an amateur or a trained sportsperson, you can choose your route: 1, 2, 5 or 10 km. And as always with Antigel, this sports day ends with a party, the Light Run, a magical event lit up with thousands of lanterns, head lamps and fairy lights worn by the participants. Up the winter!


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