Simon Mayer


With SunBengSitting, Austrian choreographer Simon Mayer takes inspiration from the traditions of his own country and combines the power of folk with the freedom of contemporary dance. Created in 2014, this solo has toured the world.

There is traditional dance, a mike, a chainsaw, a tree trunk, a violin, a whip, some yodelling and mostly, a freedom-loving, naked body. There is also a bench, a “sunbeng”, which in Upper Austrian dialect refers to a wooden bench in front of a house on which one sits to sunbathe. A choreographer, performer and musician trained at P.A.R.T.S., Simon Mayer humorously travels the world naked with his solo and will come to Geneva for the first time to wade into the rites inherited from rural Austria and Vienna’s artistic culture. Between city and countryside, homeland and openness to the world, tradition and modernity, Mayer successfully brings together seemingly irreconcilable worlds with finesse, skill and jubilation.


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