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Le Bain

I found the water so lovely, I had to bathe in it…

With Le Bain, Gaëlle Bourges immerses parents and children into the history of art thanks to two 16th-century paintings: Diane au Bain by the School of Fontainebleau, which features Diana the Huntress turning the hunter Actaeon who surprised her naked, into a deer, and Susannah Bathing by Tintoretto, which depicts a young woman from the Old Testament spied on by two old men who are ultimately punished for their indiscretion. By reconstructing these two famous bathing scenes with the dolls, rabbits and frogs that populate this marvellous tale where old stories and digressions become mixed up, a short history of bathing emerges that innocuously addresses, in a light and amusing way, the great history of the representation of bodies in art.

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