Annamaria Ajmone | Rafaële Giovanola - Cie CocoonDance

Trigger | Vis Motrix

Annamaria Ajmone "Trigger"

A woman’s body in the centre of the stage, dressed in black, heads bowed. The sound is made of ebbing and flowing beats. Annamaria Ajmone rushes forward…

Voted best young Italian dancer by the magazine Danza&Danza in 2016, Annamaria Ajmone has featured in works by Guilherme Botelho and Jérôme Bel. Trigger immerses us in a tropical garden where sounds carve the space and infuse it with otherworldly dimensions, where imagination unfolds endlessly towards a wonder-filled journey. Now turned choreographer, Ajmone addresses, with this short and intense solo, the way in which we transform space into a place or an area as a vector for sensations and movements.

Duration: 20 min.


Rafaële Giovanola / Cie CocoonDance "Vis motrix"

Vis Motrix gives you the bizarre feeling at times of being faced with a mechanism or a biological organism that gives life to fascinating creatures.

On stage, four bodies are lying motionless. A sort of invisible energy then appears, a motive force (in Latin “vis motrix”) that infuses the performers and ultimately transforms their movements into pure energy, pushing their body to their limit. Mesmerised, we witness the birth of hybrid beings, strange and beautiful animal creatures that morph into women and dancers. A new landscape then appears, reminiscent of flora and fauna, tribal dances and rituals.

Duration: 40 min.


Shared night

Annamaria Ajmone and Rafaële Giovanola are both amazing performers turned choreographers. Both offer finely crafted creations whose artistic approach focuses on the score. With an exclusively female cast, far from the stereotypes of the genre, they show us dancing women whose instinctive animality and power of expression is only equal to their technical precision and mastery. Classy!

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