Choreographer Noemi Lapzeson passed away in January 2018. ADC and Festival Antigel wanted to address what she loved, her relationship to music, her readings, her cuisine and everything one can remember of a person that one has loved. The idea of bringing together artists gathered by elective affinity to be as one, for an evening dedicated to her, seemed to us the right option.



“There is no better ruse for catastrophe than the apparent normality of the passing of time.” G. Didi-Huberman

This quotation from “Sentir le grisou” will be the starting point for “Là-SEXTET”. In this choreographed work, six performers of various ages sit on chairs in a line and invent a reconstructed present, or a “how to live together”. “Là-SEXTET” by Pierre Pontvianne was created in the context of “Passion(s)” at the festival Montpellier Danse in June 2016. The title refers unequivocally to Johann Sebastian Bach’s “St Matthew Passion”. This project gathers together several voices, choreographers and dancers, theatre directors and filmmakers.


Noemi va seule

Between tribute and reverie, Vincent Dunoyer was given carte blanche to create a portrait of Noemi Lapzeson. A dreamlike journey through the archives of this major figure of Geneva’s contemporary dance scene who passed away in January 2018.

"Noemi va seule" (Noemi Goes Alone) is no hagiography of the Geneva-based Argentine dancer. As the title suggests, the work is better heard musically, like a freely associated score that comprises both private and professional archive footage, texts and dance. In one of her filmed portraits, Noemi Lapzeson says she misses the horizon in Geneva but “maybe if you look far enough, you can see through the trees all the way to the sea”. With the distance of a stranger who remains close through his love of dance, Bach’s music and Roberto Juarroz’s poetry, Vincent Dunoyer browses through the archives to see and dream up Noemi.”

Noemi va seule
Cette carte blanche est une commande de l’ADC et du Festival Antigel adressée à Vincent Dunoyer dans le cadre de cette soirée dédiée à Noemi Lapzeson.
conception et interprétation Vincent Dunoyer
production Caravan Production vzw
coproduction ADC Genève et Festival Antigel
remerciements Fondation SAPA pour la libre consultation et mise à disposition d’archives issues du Fonds Noemi Lapzeson, ainsi qu’à Andrea Lapzeson pour l’autorisation de l’utilisation d’archives personnelles
soutiens Fondation Corymbo


Chorégraphie Pierre Pontvianne
Interprétation Jazz Barbé, Laura Frigato, Florence Girardon, Mathieu Heyraud, Cécile Laloy, David Mambouch, Pierre Treille
Conception sonore Pierre Pontvianne
Lumière Valérie Colas
Durée : 20 mn

Production Compagnie PARC
Coproduction Atelier de Paris / CDCN
Avec le soutien de RAMDAM, UN CENTRE d’ART / Ste-Foy-les-Lyon, Le Dôme Théâtre / Albertville, Atelier de Paris / CDCN, Cronstadt, CND Lyon
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