Sure, San Francisco might not have a Laurel Canyon, but it’s still California, and that’s where one of the most genuine heirs of the late 60s comes from…

Untrimmed beard, checked shirt, cap somewhere between a hipster and a woodcutter… It’s a subtle recipe but that’s usually not enough to make a great artist. Fortunately, our friend Andy Cabic fell into a great musical pot when he was young and he made the most of it to swallow as many influences of the late 60s and early 70s as he could to dish up his own customised folk, featuring both intimate and inflamed creations as well as some welcome surprises, e.g. the more modern touch of his excellent Complete Strangers in 2015. He returns this year, still as creative, with a more traditional sound on his latest opus Up On High, released in early November 2019.

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