Tony Allen & Jeff Mills

Opening Act: AMAMI (CH)

When two pioneers decide to join forces, their collaboration is explosive and amazingly upbeat, resulting in the invention of a style unlike any other.

Tony Allen, is the father of afrobeat. He pretends he isn’t every now and then from all of his 79 years of age and his eternal youth, but Fela himself asserted “Without Tony Allen, there would be no afrobeat” and Brian Eno voted him greatest drummer of all times. His time signature is inimitable, filled with unbridled finesse and spellbinding gentleness. Jeff Mills also established his legend well before turning 56: He’s an extraordinary producer/composer from Detroit, one of the most creative in the history of techno (his late 80s band, Final Cut, was a hit machine that had people dancing the night away). Together, the two men released Tomorrow Comes the Harvest last year. “We work together to create something that is bigger than both of us”, Jeff Mills says. Indeed, each brings his touch in a skilful and trippy mixture of melodies, synthetic loops and rhythms that is bound to be even more intense live!

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