Suzanne Ciani

Live Quadraphonic + meeting

When an electronic music pioneer lands in Geneva, it’s an event. Iconic figure of ambient and electro-acoustic music, Suzanne Ciani has brought contemporary electro from the labs to the dance-floors.

You can hear the waves of the Pacific in her tunes. The overflowing white noise is the most identifiable sound in her electronic music since Seven Waves, her debut album and a perfect ambient gem released in 1982. Her Buchla is her wave machine. In the late 60s, Suzanne Ciani featured among the first to tame this modular synthesiser, a huge heap of tangled threads and colourful slider pots which she fell in love with immediately. She’s never stopped playing it since, veering towards electronics because she feels safe there, the only musical place where she can express herself freely. Nominated five times for the Grammy Awards, Ciani has released over 15 solo albums, worked with Philip Glass and become a high priestess of sound design (she’s the one behind the popping and frothing sounds in the Coca-Cola ads!). With her live sets, a technical tour de force, she immerses us in sound explorations and surrounds us with loops and poetic spaces through quadraphonic sound. Let yourself go to the Buchla soundscapes of this diode diva!

Antigel invites the Association Lueur. Created in 2018 in Annecy, Lueur's ambition is to promote diversity, diversity and equality through electronic music by encouraging the visibility of women artists and/or artists from minority backgrounds. Electronic music is a formidable vector of openness creating new spaces of freedom and bridges between diverse genres and performance formats. "It is an honour and a chance to see Suzanne Ciani play and to dive into her synthetic waves that rock you, caressed by a sea kiss. The word "pioneer" has a feminine side to it and it is with this -E that the history of electronic music should be told."

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