Opening Act: Crushed Beaks

The cult outfit from Oxford has found the secret to eternal youth. In the studio where the foundations are still shaking, as well as live, they still rattle the most blasé fans of the 90s.

Were you born too late to have witnessed the full force of their early wave? We’ll tell you about it: In the early 90s, Ride dropped two albums like shockwaves (Nowhere and Going Blank Again) built on a wall of vitriolic guitar sounds – to such an extent that Oasis pounced on guitarist Andy Bell to hire him at the first opportunity. Enough to suffer from tinnitus for the rest of your days! After a twenty-year-long hiatus, time enough for everyone to recover, the riders from Oxford have returned with two new LPs, as if time had stopped, with the same melodious voluptuousness. Chaos is guaranteed on the banks of Lake Geneva this winter (how could one survive the telluric intro of Leave Them All Behind ?) with Ride’s powerful live set!

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