Philippe Katerine

The ultimate artist returns to Antigel to present the flashes of brilliance and quirkiness of his latest Confessions, featuring major collaborations with Depardieu, Dominique A, Angèle and Lomepal.

Now there’s a career that’s hard to describe: no apparent logic, no flowing trajectory, no possible anticipation of what Philippe Katerine might do next… He’s what one might call an artist in the noblest sense of the term, whose authenticity has never been caught out. The fact he has kept going successfully without faltering – becoming even stronger throughout the years – underlines his exceptional creativity, as evidenced once again by Confessions, his latest album which combines styles and scathing topics with frivolity and relevance. And with him it’s mainly on stage that anything can happen, the best as well as the most unexpected. Indeed, it won’t be like last time, nor like the next either…

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