Niño De Elche

While some reinvent culinary specialities, Niño de Elche reinterprets flamenco and whips crowds into a frenzy to the chagrin of appalled purists. Phenomenal!

Deeply rooted in the dark side of rock’n’roll, Niño de Elche shatters the codes of flamenco and experiments with passion. The popular traditional Andalusian music inspired his childhood (his father was a singer and his uncle, a guitarist) but now, de Elche explores. Like a visionary, he breaks grounds and mixes things to better reinvent the genre. With his voracious appetite for performing arts, the artist is regularly sold out in Spain and will perform for the first time in Switzerland at Antigel. A unique opportunity to discover a colourful form of flamenco, steeped in hitherto-unexploited synthetic sounds and moods.

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