Mario Batkovic

An impressive pioneering virtuoso, the Swiss accordionist has shattered all codes relating to his instrument. His overwhelming stage aura will transport you into an unexpected trance.

Think of an accordion: it conjures up images of Lawrence Welk and music from another century, doesn’t it? Yet, Mario Batkovic plays it like none other. He asks the following questions: Can any instrument in this lowly world really be considered naff? Are there any that can’t be reinvented? The answer is no, it all depends what you make of them. Batkovic delights in taking risks and has invented a sound that is cutting-edge, yet accessible to all, a combination of baroque, kitsch and introspection that stirs up powerful yet contradictory emotions within us. His inner journey becomes our own. Would it be too much to describe him as the Nils Frahm of accordion? Certainly not for Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame, who was quick to sign him up to his label, Invada Records.

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