Luke De-Sciscio

It feels like all you have to do is throw a bucket into the bottomless well of British music to dig out another treasure. Today’s catch? A handsome and sensitive bearded romantic. Superb.

How do you tell apart a talented young guy with an acoustic guitar from another random young guy with an acoustic guitar? How hard it can be to define the limit between deep boredom and instant emotion? Not here though. When Luke De-Sciscio strums his instrument, he tugs on our heartstrings and our souls. Listen to it once and we guarantee it’ll be love at first sight for this young British songwriter. At random, try his tracks R.O.B.Y.N. or Spin On, both featured on his first LP (Good Bye Folk Boy) where each song was recorded the same day it was written. That’s probably why it sounds so true and live.

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