Kevin Morby

Opening Act: Night Shop

The leader of the new generation of American indie rock journeys alone to Antigel and it’s for the best, he’s even better solo!

He makes it look so easy with each new release, it feels like he could write a hit song with each breath and release a perfect record every month. But Kevin Morby can control himself, even if he’s already offered us five LPs since 2013. It’s a lot for sure, but they’re systematically filled with wonder and inspiration – we’re still looking for a bad song even though we know we won’t find one. His music is earthy enough to remind us he comes from Missouri but its rough edges have been knocked off with life in Los Angeles and the unique production makes it sound both folksy and contemporary. And this voice that yearns for vast open spaces… He struck us right in the feels with his sublime nine-minute-long lament, Harlem River, in 2013. Since then, he’s remained just as powerful and pertinent, as evidenced by his grandiose latest release published this year, Oh My God.

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