Hayden Thorpe

He took a little time before setting off on his own but it was worth the wait: Hayden Thorpe becomes one with his piano and takes us into a world as delicate as Bill Fay’s.

He carried the flamboyance of the Wild Beasts for a whole decade, with moving yet roborative John Grant-like atmospheres. A pure delight of thrilling pop music and a career that was never in doubt: Thorpe’s falsetto voice and charisma would inevitably, throughout the years, combine with a more refined and personal sound. Diviner, his debut album released under his own name last May is far quieter than anything he might’ve done with his Wild Beasts but it tugs on the heartstrings with finely crafted and fragile restraint. The future is clear for Thorpe: At barely 30, he’s following in the footsteps of Mark Hollis and is real close to being crowned as one of the masters of British song-writing.

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