Fabrizio Chiovetta

100% Beethoven

A journey into the private life of Beethoven is what this elegant pianist offers, with his sober yet tenderly expressive style.

The internationally acclaimed Italian-born and Geneva-based musician offers lively, remarkably crafted and yet restrained interpretations. There are no frills and no tricks. A student of Dominique Weber, Elisabeth Athanassova and Paul Badura-Skoda, of whom he was a privileged disciple, the naturally discrete Fabrizio Chiovetta has made a name for himself thanks to his graceful and sincere playing style which has served Mozart, Schubert and Brahms to name but a few. A soloist, sought-after chamber musician and improviser, Chiovetta resides in a muted universe that favours what comes naturally. Between two tours in Asia and North America, this trained scientist will land his piano in Versoix for a unique night that will echo for a long time in the deepest of our souls.


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