Devendra Banhart

Texan-born and Venezuelan at heart, Devendra Banhart has ventured on the banks of mystical folk, quirky Americana and Latin-American rock for many years. With his tenth album he steps deeper into our hearts.

With his emergence in the early 2000s, his Christlike hair as supporting evidence, Devendra Banhart was seen as the messiah of neo-folk. Twenty years later, with sound palette expanded and instrumentarium enhanced, the artist has established himself as the reference for this 3.0 folk era. On his latest album Ma, designed as a tribute to motherhood, he sings in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese (Kantori Ongaku), a first excerpt in the opus composed in honour of Japanese musician Haruomi Hosono, a true legend of experimental pop. His invitation to Antigel was obvious and will probably be the highlight concert of 2020.

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