Bror Gunnar Jansson

A huge Scandinavian slap in the face guaranteed here: The young Swede’s powerful and solitary blues will rock the audience all the way to the last row.

You’re guaranteed to trip up any music quiz rookie here. Press play for the first song of Bror Gunnar Jansson’s latest album, They Found My Body In A Bag – what an awesome title! – and you’ll find yourself thrown into the depths of America, its age-old pains and itching poetry. The surprise is huge when you discover this fellow: a lean Scandinavian with a face like a 1950s actor, crazy class with his square jaw, his killer gaze and his old-fashioned suits. Jansson sits somewhere between Tom Waits and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but alone on stage, with his guitars, amplifiers and drums. It sounds earthy and that’s rather appropriate, since he’ll feature in Meinier after an aperitif of local produce.

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