Opening act: La Colère (ch) / Benjamin Amaru (ch)

Antigel & m4music present: ÁSGEIR

Opening Acts: La Colère (ch) / Benjamin Amaru (ch)

The young Icelandic artist returns to his roots with a supremely beautiful acoustic third album. A buzz of lightning from another world that rumbles even louder on stage.

First, let’s thank his body for failing him when he used to practice javelin on the beach in the north of the island (he still holds the national record in the sport). His Olympic ambitions thwarted and his career set aside, Ásgeir Trausti grabbed his guitar and never let go. He learned to love his fragile voice, exploit his heartrending sense of melody and even resolved to translate his songs into English (thanks to the multilinguist John Grant) to reach a wider audience. Ásgeir is a pure product of the Icelandic scene, and don’t count on us to break that image: Seeing him on stage, you’ll cry as you listen to a language you don’t understand, you’ll daydream nestled in a carpet of virgin moss and communicate silently with the elves…

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Since 1998, the Migros Culture Percentage's m4music festival has been promoting music in Switzerland and has been present in French-speaking Switzerland for 10 years.

For the first time in its existence, m4music presents a pre-event in Geneva in collaboration with Antigel.

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