This is one of the most inspiring and inspired stories in rock history in the last thirty years. Or how to combine the art of melody with noisy poetry without ever failing.

Tortuous, ambitious, wild, adventurous, crackling or delicate, the New Jersey outfit’s music has never been served hastily on the corner of a table. Their job as melodic tightrope walkers has resulted in a skilful catalogue of joyfully makeshift, yet wonderfully relevant little stories. For thirty-four years now the band has been happily writing the history of US indie rock, gladly veering into the margins and challenging the chapters. Bold collaborations, facetious side-projects and film soundtracks, Yo La Tengo have spared no expense, marking the birth of grunge and lo-fi folk in their own way. Adored by the greatest artists on the planet, the inventive Americans will arrive at Antigel in the same way as they’ve always presented themselves: hungry for adventure and multi-faceted.