What an honour to welcome Sophie Hunger in the middle of her European tour. A genuine pop event worthy of her talent.             

She’s our Swiss headliner. It should be noted that it’s already ten years since our Emilie Jeanne-Sophie Welti started frolicking proudly with her brand of Swiss pop in countries where she wasn’t expected to. Now 35, she’s been pouring large drops of her talent in the cultural test tubes of Berlin. With “Molecules”, an electro-pop secret lab-like sixth album, Sophie Hunger dares to try things out with her voice balanced on a rope of graceful boldness. With her synthetic urgency and fiery texts about her first krautrock love, the artist who created the soundtrack for “My Life as a Zucchini” confirms her status as a pop heroine.

QUIET ISLAND (opening act)

If you need four elements to balance out the universe, you’ll need four voices to harmonise Quiet Island. Their Geneva-made folkloric cosmos drifts sweetly along our auditory canal. A delight.

All it took was two weeks in a London studio and the participation of producer Robin Girod to enable the Geneva quartet, formerly known as Postmen, to release their second album “Telescope”. A sweet chimaera, ethereal and mesmerising, with 60s-sounding melodies that make us travel to the spellbinding rhythm of their unified voices.