“Life Aquatic” by Wes Anderson is a film, but it’s also a soundtrack in which Seu Jorge takes on Bowie’s acoustic repertoire in Portuguese. Overwhelming!

Undoubtedly the most elegant Brazilian star of the moment, inspired and well-read icon, bright and brilliant jack-of-all-trades, Seu Jorge alone has spearheaded the revival of his country’s music. With his deliciously profound voice, he fills our souls with graceful emotions. He’s a huge comedian too. A favourite of filmmaker Wes Anderson, it’s actually in the same costume he wore for his role in the legendary “Life Aquatic”, released in 2004, that he will lighten up Antigel. A collection of songs that is nothing other than the film’s deeply touching soundtrack, composed exclusively of David Bowie’s gems, from “Rebel Rebel” to “Life on Mars”. A moving, nostalgic punk tribute to the great Ziggy, sung in Portuguese with an acoustic guitar. Don't miss it!