Beware of the languid computer-assisted melodies! From a new generation of folk lab operators, the Irishman is the latest gem to come out of the British Isles.

Fogarty is the type of fellow capable of spending a stormy night in a church guarded by a grumpy vicar and leave at dawn with a new tune (“Carlow Town”). When he’s not squatting in old prayer halls, he locks himself up in his sound cave and communicates with no one other than his computer. Sure, we might be exaggerating a little, but ultimately, after roaming with his unique talent through folk territory, Fogarty has challenged his inspiration and hard drive to produce a grainy, tortuous and tremendously contemporary sound. Hosted by Domino Records (home of Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power and Franz Ferdinand), Seamus Fogarty is like a digital campfire that warms songwriting with lots of pixelized melodies.