Snubbed by the music industry, adored by the public, the venerable crew from Bordeaux are the spearhead of an urban, no-frills musical genre. Be warned, they’re brilliant.

“Nucléaire” is the bomb. But an inner bomb, like a trumpet with a mute, screaming into a pillow or your heart beating in your chest. The first single that erupted in April 2018, taken from the gang’s latest album “Au Baccara” is no exception with its uncompromising urban poetry. In our overly hygienic times, Odezenne grab alternative rap by the heart and lead it into the realm of electro-inspired French music. Their lyrics strike hard but fair. Over four albums, the French musicians have done nothing to be loved, because they’re not pretty, but honest. Furthermore, it’s said that romanticism is less duplicitous in a dark alley.



In a rap genre where it’s now ok to show some weakness, 7 Jaws isn’t the type of guy to repress his emotions. His cracked shell bears the scars of many a blow…

…Blows that life has dealt him as well as those he has received in his twelve years of practicing combat sports. It’s actually that last hit he took on the ring, which broke his jaw and his chances of a professional career in the sport, that led him to adopt the identity of 7 Jaws. Rap helped 7 Jaws put his pain into words and throw it out there in spurts. His compulsive lyrics interweave deep, complex and at times contradictory feelings, making Jaws look self-confident or riddled with doubt and rancour. Always ambivalent, his work fits in with a French rap tradition that leaves little room for technical approximation, while also reflecting the tortured and contemporary spleen of Trippie Redd or the late Lil Peep.