With a magnificent first album released by Memphis Industries, Odetta Hartman outlines a tempting new America that is authentic and profoundly contemporary.

Not even 30 years old, Odetta Hartman has decided to bring sweeping changes to US country music. Brought up in the furnace of New York on a diet of modern dance, experimental theatre and hip-hop, it was only natural that she would mix genres and enjoy a big blast of freedom while composing her first melodies. Violin and banjo under her arm, she gave birth to a first album “Old Rockhounds Never Die” last year. A sort of great work cut into tiny musical plays, her record is a real little gem that includes traditional folk and DIY modern machines. The soundscapes of noises from everyday life were rustled up by her companion, Jack Inslee. From the atmosphere of a lively kitchen to the storm that challenges sheet music, a real fairy tale for adults unfolds in our ears.