After 25 years of tortuous yet successful experiments, the mythical trio have the nerve to come hurtling in with the best album of 2018. Major event in sight!

Low is the sonic and scientific proof that the apocalypse is nastily biting at our fingers and that some things can be “immensely small”. For almost 25 years, Low has been like a solar system inside an atom or a tornado inside a pinhead. With almost nothing, they’ve dared to try out everything. By releasing “Double Negative” in 2018, the discrete cult trio from Minnesota have imposed a total and absolute work of art like a meticulous autopsy of chaos: gaunt rhythms, hazy layers and tidal waves of synthesizers… Their immense, symphonic and avant-garde music, delivered like a stripped-down howling mass, cries out for the end of the world…

ORGAN MUG (opening act)

Brilliant Lausanne-based producer Organ Mug electrifies his talent into a beautiful first album “Spinnert”. A genius that embarks us on his volcanic voyage.

After a wonderful first album produced during a trip to the island of Tenerife, Organ Mug returns with an EP “Here and There” which will be released in February 2019. No limits, no rules, instead a casual approach that puts the spotlight on discovery. With his combination of mythical pop with tormented electronics, Organ Mug amplifies experimentation with great attention to detail. We can’t wait!