They discovered Roméo Elvis, and their jazzy and straightforward rap from Brussels will undoubtedly have all the summer festivals dancing this year. You’ll have seen them at Antigel.

Three mates, kings of rap, kings of Belgium. We’ve seen it, Belgian hip-hop has had every European stage foaming like a luxury beer. Yet, there’s nothing commonplace about L’Or du Commun in this story. It’s quite simple: they’re the ones who spent their talent first on a certain Roméo Elvis before he conquered the airwaves. Like Krisy or Doums, the trio dress their rimes with a rather smooth and jazzy atmosphere. The soundtrack of a contemporary blend of rap, fresher, cooler, more musical than confrontational but no less efficient. A bunch of urban and poetic hits that wouldn’t hurt a fly. Bad boys, no thank you. It’s rap first. Established back in 2012, L’Or du Commun definitely hit the spotlight with the track “Apollo”, and their spontaneous energy, projected by Loxley, Swing and Primero will soon be worth its weight in gold.

CHIEN BLEU (opening act)

A daydreaming stroll with clever penman Chien Bleu, the new revelation of rap in Western Switzerland.

While rap gradually becomes more punk, Chien Bleu turns it into a paradox. The former frontman of the Geneva punk band Sergent Papou, Chien Bleu has opted for an introspective blend of rap. Backed by three musicians, he does the new wave of Geneva rap proud with surprisingly mature lyrics. A guaranteed emotional rollercoaster!