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French psych pop

Here is a Swiss band that knows how to ruffle French elegance. Between Californian psych and sweet pop, they have come to celebrate their latest album.
“We all have a Souchon inside us”. Martin, frontman of the most original gang in Geneva, knows how to encapsulate his band in one sentence. Surrounded by talented kids and enjoying the current hype, the soon-to-be 40-year-old from Geneva has given birth to a form of psychedelic pop that shamelessly immerses its zany genius into the mainstream. For real. And with real love under the greasy hair and the aloof lyrics. There’s some Brigitte Fontaine and some Morrissey in this elegant outfit that has been happily crossing boundaries since 2014. At Antigel, the protégés of Cheptel Records will crack open their second album. “J’clapse la wax”!