A true icon of a musical genre that blossoms in the darkness, Hersh can count on luxury fans such as Thom Yorke and Michael Stipe. Do you remember “Your Ghost”?

In those days, Kristin Hersh could well have chosen to hit the rock star highway at full throttle in her family Volvo – a car that ferried her around come hell or high water to weave an honest thread between her songs and her audience, alone at the wheel and guitar case on the backseat. Hersh, who established her band Throwing Muses to the level of absolute musical reference for a whole load of artists (Thom Yorke is her biggest fan) chose not to ride the wave of her hit duo with Michael Stipe (singer of R.E.M), the famous “Your Ghost” in 1994. Armed with her voice and her guitar, she will bless Antigel with a quasi-messianic folk performance.