The UK would never be outdone when it came to providing a response to American blues. And John J. Presley has accepted the mission with depth and coarseness.

No, he’s not some distant cousin of Elvis. If you had to tie him to an adoptive family, you’d more likely look towards The Black Keys, The Kills, Nick Cave or even PJ Harvey. With his hollow voice, long hair and well-tailored suit, John J. Presley rightfully reinstates a genre filled with boiling tar-soaked guitars. No need for greetings here. Presley comes hurtling at full throttle, fuzz pedal under his foot and sand in his throat. No fuss, but a huge groove that will straighten up the first row with its first warning shot. A coarse, madly elegant and uniquely powerful blues piece to be enjoyed with great humanity in the sorting area of the Partage Foundation in Carouge. Antigel will (jokingly) transform this event into a “powder night”. If you have sugar or salt, fill up the pockets of your slim jeans. Rock’n’roll is always more intense when it is infused with solidarity.