The wonderfully mad diva of French music sings, recites, writes, screams, loves and tirelessly challenges and in no particular order, alone or in adventurous, multifaceted projects.

With her raging poetry, sweet madness, mature texts and wicked voice, Brigitte Fontaine has loosened up French music by rocking it nice and hard. Since her very first screams, Brigitte has sounded like no one else – not even herself. The one-of-a-kind pop icon, a genius who is constantly on the edge, will haunt the best of French-speaking creativity for a long time yet. Militant and indomitable, she plunges her hands in musical and textual experimentation to relentlessly challenge the world. After Marianne Faithfull and Patti Smith, Brigitte Fontaine will take us on a journey through her immense career, with no GPS nor roadmap. Let yourself be guided, with your eyes closed and senses sharpened!

LAURENT C. (opening act)

Laurent C. released his first single in 1983, followed by a bunch of self-produced cold-wave, punk or simply unclassifiable LPs. With time he has become a figure of the Geneva underground… In 2018, he recorded his latest LP, released by Cheptel Records. Meticulously collected, his songs tell of life, the drifting and wandering and regrets, in French/80s punk mode.