His heart as engorged as his repertoire, the founder of the legendary Dead Can Dance will enthral a decidedly lucky Geneva with his smooth voice.

In its 40-year career (let’s forget about the inevitable breaks), cult band Dead Can Dance has shaped the new age aesthetics that record label 4AD is so fond of, taking continuous inspiration from various musical genres from around the globe. Accompanied by his accomplice Lisa Gerrard (let’s not count the number of times these two have squabbled either), Brendan Perry has built a repertoire that will go down in the broad history of rock. For Antigel, the Brit will come alone with his deep yet solar voice and his irresistible aura. Although Dead Can Dance has just released its new record “Dionysus”, the great Australian-born, UK-based artist will offer a sneak preview into his new solo album to be released in the autumn. When high standards go hand in hand with elegance.