It had to be done and Altin Gün did it: an exhilarating blend of traditional Turkish music, urban pop and psychedelic rock to get you dancing around the globe!

It’s a secret for (almost) no one, Jasper Verhulst, Jacco Gardner’s bass guitarist, is a huge fan of the golden age of Turkish music. The golden age, you say? Altin Gün in Turkish. Up until now, it’s pretty simple. By founding this joyously crazy band that intersects The Netherlands and the ancient city of Constantinople, Verhulst has managed to bring some sunshine into his beloved psychedelic pop. The result: pop music with traditional fragrances and touches of groovy folk and psychedelic rock. Altin Gün is a clever blend, a merry organised mess shaped by Dutch and Turkish musicians. An exhilarating and unlikely union that gives our times a wonderful opening onto the world. It’s fresh, intense and multifaceted. Knowing that Altin Gün is on the roster of Geneva record label Bongo Joe, we’ll wager that this Antigel concert will be very special indeed.








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