There’s no room for attitude here. Fuzz pedals are plugged in, choruses are immersed in an ocean of echo and the whole thing floats in a thick mist of pure talent.

We promise, Brooklyn isn’t just this huge New York neighbourhood filled with soya-milk latte macchiatos on wooden terraces. As evidenced by Acid Dad. As the name suggests, the young guitar-heavy gang deliver a brand of psychedelic rock that could add technicolour to our parents’ memories of the 1970s. Not as pimped out as The Strokes and grittier than Ty Seagall, Acid Dad have just released an impressive first album that leads a procession of decibels over a slightly sepia, hand-drawn rainbow. Deceptively naïve and joyful but truly efficient, the quartet’s army of choruses strongly suggests that these young hippies won’t be hanging on to their mummys’ velvet apron strings for too long.