New Territory - Caserne des Vernets

Perrine Valli | Fabrice Melquiot | HEMU | Ballet Junior | Sunfast

Antigel is partial to neighbourhoods in transition, places that are on the edge, poised between a strong past and a promising future. Wasteland with potential. The festival steps in with free-spirited cultural projects, challenging genres and ideas.

For its 10th anniversary, Antigel will take over the Vernets barracks. In these buildings and parade ground that still echoes with flag-raising ceremonies and military parades, the festival’s Grand Central will host a genuine Made in Antigel project featuring the lifeblood of Ballet Junior and choreography by Perrine Valli, words by Fabrice Melquiot and a live soundtrack orchestrated by Sunfast in association with Lausanne’s University of Music. Before becoming a thriving new neighbourhood in one of the most ambitious urban development projects in the next few years in Geneva, the former barracks in Vernets, after 60 years of good and loyal services, will be able to indulge in intense emotions and artistic vibrations for the first and last time!

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