Leave on an expedition into the underground maze of a school, immerse yourself into a David Lynch- or Stanley Kubrick-like cinematic world, encounter strange and mysterious characters, and enter dark rooms where the most common objects are infused with a bizarre colour. Unusual, on the edge of dreams, children won’t see their school in the same way ever again. A show that acts like deliberate immersion into a world which trolls the building’s primary role as a way of taming it…

Performeur: danse magie Tom Cassani 

Danse périlleuse Marc Oosterhoff

Pianiste fougueuse Audrey Vigoureux

Fakir dance  Julien Israelian avec Lalla Morte

Le Gangbé Brass Band

Costumes  Vanessa Riera / Atelier Nolita

Régisseur lumière Gaël Braillard 

Alexandrine Burgaud, Guy Schneider, Juliette Gaultier, Pascal Hunziker, Lavinia Johnson, Antoine Lechenne, Erin O'reilly