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Duels au Fort l'Ecluse

With their impressively beautiful architecture, these French ramparts built into the rock will be invaded by exclusive artistic, musical and choreographic duels.

We’ve all been amazed by this impressive construction devoured by the rock at the Canton’s western tip. Yet, very few have actually entered it. You’ll even furtively see the legendary corridor between Switzerland and France in the TGV that leads you at full speed towards Paris. Fort l’Ecluse is a powerful and barricaded fort. With its historical soul and force of nature, the wind blows against the rock and the Rhone shows its current. Antigel decided to use this unique energy to design duels. Artistic ones, of course. In this raw and beautiful setting, with no dramatic staging, with music and dance, you will discover musical genres that seldom cross swords. All of this under the watchful gaze of the illustrious ramparts built on French land, which the Festival will happily enter for the very first time.

Idea by Antigel Festival