Ciné Concert : Les Contes de Cockatoo

Carte blanche to Varnish La Piscine featuring L’Éclair

It’s in the heart of the satellite city of Meyrin that Varnish La Piscine will present his latest creation: Les Contes de Cockatoo. A film projection on the façades of a building with live music, like a journey between absurdity and reality.

Since choosing between image and sound was heart-wrenching for him, Varnish La Piscine decided not to and use both instead. An option that seems almost unavoidable when you’re filled with so many ideas, creativity and let’s say it, genius – the genius that features in his productions for Colors Records (Slimka, Di-Meh, Makala) as well as in the video clips of an artist who acknowledges influences as diverse as Fellini, Wes Anderson, Hitchcock and even old Star Trek episodes. It made sense then to give carte blanche to Meyrin-Cité’s child prodigy. Jephté Mbisi, his real name, is returning home.

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