Uncategorisable, free and haunted, the French pianist will play the famous “Big Sun” while the film is screened on the facades of two buildings in the city of Meyrin. Unique!

Thanks to Christophe Chassol, the expression “to transcend reality” finally means something. Composer, arranger, pianist, soundtrack craftsman, the Frenchman is a little bit of each. A virtuoso musician who never wanted to leave visuals aside to rush headlong into music. Jazz? Yes, certainly, except that Chassol loves constraints – and images are a constraint. Although nothing is ever left to chance, everything is incredibly spontaneous. For Antigel, the talented artist will attack the inimitable “Big Sun” at the foot of a building while the film is screened on two immaculate facades in the first satellite city ever built in Switzerland: Meyrin. The magic will be tangible.