Blue Hour Storm Warning


The blue hour, this natural clock that turns the sky bipolar and sees the day straddling the night. The intense shade of blue only survives for a few minutes before a dark brush wipes out the city. It’s an appointment you won’t want to be late for, with a free spirit and a serene heart. An appointment in a place that, at the blue hour, is hardly human anymore. The metallic off-shore platform at Eaux-Vives will welcome hundreds of boats when the time comes but for the moment, it’s floating, forlorn, a few centimetres above the lake like a piece of fictional poetry where extra-terrestrial life could set out its fantasies, a place that could welcome a flying saucer but that will instead host an extraordinary Antigel performance. Embodied that night by the powerful and tectonic post hard core Coilguns band. Combo led by the hyperactive Louis Jucker. Pure energy and fury, a sonic surge on the Geneva harbour.