What happens when everything is turned off? When the show is over? When the clapping dies out? When the engineers pull the plug? When the audience disappear in their coats? When the lights die out and the actors put their lines away and the theatre locks its doors? How does life go on when the artists aren’t there to challenge it? Enter into this experience that comes to life after the show, glistening and seducing in the darkness. A sensory and acoustic adventure where the behind-the-scenes becomes the star for a night, where accessories come to life, where structures dance and technicians take power, becoming one with the object. Reflexes leave our minds and poetry is embodied in the half-light. “Blind Date” reveals the ins and outs, unveils the framework and shows the invisible. When you can’t see things, you’re surprised at times to actually grasp their meaning.

conception & réalisation Rémi Furrer, Eric Linder, Fabrice Melquiot, François-Xavier Thien
musique Sunfast (Alexis Trembley, Eric Linder et Alex Muller Ramirez)
Pyrotechnie et fumisterie Laurent BOULANGER
Robotique et vidéo Clément Marie MATHIEU
Son Benjamin TIXHON
Lumière Théo Serez 
Assistant lumière Fabrice Melquiot
Régie lumière Edouard Hugli
Régie plateau Laurent Boulanger, Frederico Ramos Lopes, Gabriel Skelnar, François-Xavier Thien
Electricien Thomas Rebou
Technicien Julien Talpin
Stagiaire Lily Faravel
Costumes Léa Perarnau & Anabelle Sixt

Avec l’aimable concours de Robotique Concept (Patrice Bouteille, Jean-Patrick Herbut), le TKM - Théâtre Kléber Méleau - Renens, Ciné Transat, Artscénique sarl.

Réda BENNANI, Anastasiya Korkova, Philippe Ruegg, Linna Ibrahim, José Péna, Alexandre Schwartz, Sébastien Moitrot, Catherine Tinivella-Aeschimann, Magdalena FREJOWSKA, Maria IIDA