Opening Night

Skatebård | Orpheu the Wizard | Crowdpleaser


Off we go again with some wicked nights that will have Grand Central throbbing for three weeks! To mark the occasion, we’ll start off big. Hang on tight, there’s some heavy duty stuff here. To raise the temperature right from the start, we’ve asked a great iron-fisted Viking from way up North to take over the decks. A native of Bergen, a city usually better known for its grim black metal-heads than for its electro DJs, Skatebård is a true ambassador of a cosmic and eclectic, Detroit-inspired Scandinavian techno style with a touch of Italian disco. As an hors d’oeuvre, the cofounder of major underground radio station Red Light Radio, Orpheu The Wizard will present one of his usual virtuoso and highly awaited sets. Before him, the great Swiss DJ Crowdpleaser will dish up a flavourful sound aperitif.



070 Shake (Live)

The first concert of this 10th anniversary will feature 070 Shake’s only Swiss date at Grand Central!

Hailing from New Jersey whose colours she proudly displays, 070 Shake transcends genres in her first EP, Glitter, a hyper-sensitive and intimate chronicle about love, pain, depression and addiction, carried by an extraordinary voice. The barely 22-year-old poet and protégé of Kanye West will release her debut album Modus Vivendi in January 2020. We can’t wait!

The concert will be followed by DJ sets by R-Less & Anita Kirppis for the Opening Night at Grand Central.

Special ticket for the live. Buy HERE

The ticket grants you access to Grand Central for the night.


Anita Kirppis

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