Motel X Randomer X Stanislav Tolkachev (live)

Randomer | Stanislav Tolkachev (live) | Strb


The number of producers who can boast a catalogue as rich as Randomer’s are certainly few and far between. Indeed, over six years, the prolific North Londoner has published no less than four records for Untold’s Hemlock Recordings and released albums for Hessle Audio, Clone and Numbers. As a DJ, Randomer redefines the lines between house, techno and jungle with class and creativity. Another trailblazer, Ukrainian pioneer Stanislav Tolkachev offers productions that interweave Berlin’s minimalism with the classic sounds of Detroit. Obsessed with psychedelic experiments and textures, the DJ and producer will embark his supporters on a long-haul interstellar journey. The opening act for these two headliners will be provided by Geneva techno king Strb!


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